Stopword Lists

A stopword list is a set of words that should be excluded from the results of a tool. Typically stopword lists contain so-called function words that don’t carry as much meaning, such as determiners and prepositions (in, to, from, etc.).

Compare the following two displays:

In Voyant Tools you can select from pre-existing stopword lists in various languages or create your own. For tools that support stopword lists, you can begin by clicking on the options icon:

Voyant Tools Options

Use the pull-down menu to select on of the pre-defined stopword lists. You may wish to set the stopword list for all tools (if you’re using a multi-tool skin), not just the current tool.

Voyant Tools Select Stopwords

If you want to view the words in the list, modify a list, or create a new list, you can click on the “Edit Stop Words” button.

Voyant Tools Edit Stopwords

You can add or remove the words in one of the existing list, or start your own by clicking on the “Clear Stop Words List” button. Once you’re satisfied with your list, you can give it a friendly name (to find it easier in the pull-down list) and then click “Save”, which will dismiss the editor and return to the options window.

Voyant Tools StopwordsEditor