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Examples of Voyant in Research

A wealth of projects have applied Voyant Tools to a variety of research interests. The below list of blog post and articles begin to spell out a type of collective methodology of text analysis with Voyant.

A Republic of Emails: What are the contents? November 24, 2016 Blog post, usage, word trends, links, contexts
On metadata and cartoons May 16, 2013 blog post, usage, screenshot, word trends
No life no life no life no life: the 100,000,000,000,000 stanzas of House of Leaves of Grass May 8, 2013 blog post, usage, mention
Post-Apocalyptic Cities: Voyant Tools May 2, 2013 blog post, usage, screenshot, cirrus, word trends
Magazine Modernsim: Voyant Tools April 22, 2013 blog post, usage, screenshot, word trends, key words in context, words in the entire corpus, collocates
Reading German Culture, 1789-1918 March 29, 2013 paper, mention
Using the Internet Archive and Voyant in my Workflow: Early Internet Forums February 9, 2013 blog post, usage, screenshot
Consumer Culture and Fifty Shades of Grey January 1, 2013 blog post, usage, mention
Lincoln Logarithms: Finding Meaning in Sermons 2013 blog post, usage, screenshot, word trends, key words in context
“To See or Not to see” – An Interactive Tool for the Visualization and Analysis of Shakespeare Plays 2013 paper, usage
Surviving Algorithmic Criticism and Who is Eleanor Hodgman Porter? December 14, 2012 blog post, usage
The Mill on the Floss, a visual analysis October 13, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot
Search Radio Buttons and Voyant Tools October 9, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot, cirrus
Text Mining the Đại Việt Sử Ký Toàn Thư September 30, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot, words in the entire corpus, keywords in context
 Allan Allsop’s war August 22, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot, cirrus
The Singing Narrators of Fictional Lies: A Close and Distant Reading of Dutch Mendacious Songs August 12, 2012 paper, usage, screenshot, lava, term fountain, mandala browser
Digital diversity in practice: plotting language similarity July 2012 blog post, usage
Play with data from Looted Heritage April 27, 2012 blog post, usage
Voyant, Questions, Echo-Chambers March 12, 2012 blog post, usage
DHA2012: Building, Mapping, Connecting March 2012 blog post, talk, usage
Sherlock Holmes – Voyant February 27, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot
On Public Access to Digital Data: Mining Public Comment February 1, 2012 blog post, usage
What Can Digital Reading Tell Us About the Material Places of Victorian Poetry? January 1, 2012 blog post, talk, usage, screenshot, word trends, words in the entire corpus
Multifaceted Data, (Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives-Project Home) January, 2012 paper, usage, screenshot
Data Mining History & the Canadian Landscape November 12, 2011 blog post, article, usage, screenshot, wordcloud, word trends
Every story has a beginning: Entering the web of data September 14, 2011 blog post, talk, usage, screenshot, word trends
Some exhibition magic with Zotero and Omeka June 6, 2011 blog post, usage, screenshot, wordcloud
IMTweet June 11, 2010 blog post, usage, screenshot, twitter


Critical Approaches to Digital Humanities and Voyant Tools

Discussion surrounding the nature of Digital Humanities also engage with the computational tools that drive this emerging field. These blog posts introduce many different issues as well as implicate the tools, such as Voyant, in this discussion.

What Should Gregory Crane Do? (DCA Wrap-Up) April 15, 2013 blog post, talk, mention
What is DH and Why Does it Matter to Museums? March 21, 2013 blog post, interview, mention
An Interview with Stéfan Sinclair February 13, 2013 blog post, interview
Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History 2013 book, mention
A Gentle Introduction to Digital Text Analysis November 15, 2012 blog post, mention
Designing Interactive Reading Environments for the Online Scholarly Edition July 2012 blog post, mention
Useful prosthetics, pretty metaphors? (and more on DH tools) April 12, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot, wordtrends
Academic History Writing and the Headache of Big Data January 30, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot
Making Things in the Digital Humanities March 13, 2012 blog post, mention
Mining the ‘Internet Graveyard’: Rethinking the Historians’ Toolkit 2012 paper, mention
Ubiquitous Text Analysis April 9, 2011 blog post, usage
What To Do With Too Much Text October 10, 2010 blog post, talk, mention
Seth Denbo: DH background and Q&A session February 2, 2010 blog post, mention


Conferences and Workshops

Voyant has been discussed in several workshops and conferences (including DH2012 at the University of Hamburg, ASECS THATCamp 2012 workshop, Stan Ruecker Workshop on DH Prototypes for Interpretation, Ryerson Mini-Workshop in conjunction with the CWRC2 Space/Place/Play Conference, ThatCamp2013 Digital Humanities Unconference at UNCC, ThatCamp Kansas, DH Summer School, University of Bern, Switzerland, Digital Humanities 2013, ISA Summer Institute) however these few entries display the reactions of certain individuals to the talks and workshops given on Voyant.

Voyant Tools, un puissant service de text mining en open source February 5, 2016 review (in French)
Comparing Corpora in Voyant Tools July 2012 blog post, workshop, usage, screenshot, twitter
Digital Humanities 2012 Hamburg – Poster session (18/07/12) July 21, 2012 blog post, mention
Voyant Keeps Eyes Wide Open on Text July 19, 2012 blog post, workshop, mention
Tools, Slides and Links from NICAR12 February 22, 2012 blog post, mention
Digital Humanities 2010: A Travelogue July, 2010 blog post, workshop, mention
A Voyeur’s Peep] Tweet June 8, 2010 blog post, usage, screenshot, twitter


Examples of Voyant in Teaching

Voyant has also found a place among the pedagogical techniques that are becoming another defining aspect of the Digital Humanities. Among other places Voyant is listed as a resource on the library pages of at least 6 universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of California- Los Angeles, Western Michigan University, University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, and Indiana University.

Course Work

This series of links shows the use of Voyant in coursework assigned to Digital Humanities students.

Romeo and Juliet: True Love or Adolescence April 4, 2013 blog post, usage
Review of Voyant Tools February 5, 2013 blog post, screenshot
To read or not to read “The Professor” by Charlotte Bronte… I’ll go with not to read October 20, 2012 blog post, usage, screenshot
Courting ‘The World’s Wife’: Original Digital Humanities Research in the Undergraduate Classroom July 2012 blog post, talk, usage
Distant Reading Duffy Decemeber 2011 blog post, course work, usage, mention
Voyant Links Analysis December 8, 2011 blog post, usage, screenshot, links
DH Final – Cirrus and Duffy December 8, 2011 blog post, usage, screenshot, cirrus
Word Trends in Duffy December 8, 2011 blog post, usage, screenshot, word trends

Critical Approaches to Teaching with the Digital Humanities and Voyant

Evaluating the use of the Digital Humanities toolkit in teaching has itself become a locus for discussion.

Resourceful reading experiences with postgraduate students: on Madame de Staël in the Spanish digitized press and ”Resourceful reading experiences with undergraduates: on Madame de Staël in the British Newspapers Archive (1800-1830) Aug 2015 paper
Text as Data: A Digital Humanist’s Views on Teaching April 30, 2013 blog post, mention
E-learning & Digital Cultures: Metaphors of salvation & destruction February 9, 2013 blog post, mention
Exploring Digital Technologies and Historical Thinking in undergraduate learning and teaching at VUW February 2013 paper, mention
Voyant’s Cirrus tool on Mean Time, Voyant’s Cirrus tool on The World’s Wife, Voyant’s Word Trends tool on “love ” and “sex” 2013 paper, usage, screenshot

Course Syllabuses

While perhaps a bit dry these examples of course syllabuses provide a resource for teaching using Voyant.

 The Digital Middle Ages, Stanford University Winter 2016
Shakespeare’s Language, University of Toronto Fall 2016
Digital Humanities, Salem State University Summer 2016
Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Haverford College Spring 2016
Digital Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Spring 2016
Big/Small Data & Visualization, Emory University Spring 2016
Hacking the Humanities, Carleton College Winter 2015
Computational Literary History, University of Notre Dame Fall 2015
Introduction to Digital Humanities, Michigan State University Fall 2015
Mining Black Culture, Georgia Regents University Summer 2015
Methods and Materials of Literary Research: Introduction to Digital Humanities Methods for Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Arizona Fall 2014
Digital History: Concepts, Methods, Problems, Stanford University Fall 2014
Digital History Methods, Rice University Spring 2014
Introduction to Digital Scholarship, University of North Texas  Spring 2014
Roman Archaeology for Historians, Carleton University Fall 2013
Digital Humanities Methods and Practices, CUNY Spring 2013
Teaching Digital Humanties: Digital methods elective: PhD Coursework Subject, University of Melbourne Summer 2012
Introduction to Digital Humanities: Schedule of Reading and Topics, Stockton College Winter 2012
Current Theories of Rhetoric & Composition, St. Edward’s University Winter 2012
Essay Revision with Automated Textual Analysis, University of Texas Winter 2012
Text Analysis with Voyeur, University of Texas Winter 2011
Clio Wired: The Theory and Practice of Digital Humanities, George Mason University Fall 2010