About Voyant Tools

Voyant Tools is a labour of love. It’s ancestry includes HyperPo and Taporware and more distantly TACT.

Project Leads

  • Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University
  • Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta

Suggested citation:

Sinclair, Stéfan, Geoffrey Rockwell and the Voyant Tools Team. 2012. Voyant Tools (web application).


  • Cyril Briquet (2010-2011) a postdoctoral fellow who worked primarily on improving Trombone 2 (the back-end system in Java)
  • Lisa Goddard (2011-present) a research assistant at UAlberta working on tool reviews and bug identification
  • Andrew MacDonald (2008-present) a programmer who’s worked on several tools including Bubblelines, Cirrus, Knots, ScatterPlot and skins including Dynamic Table of Contents
  • Mark Turcato (2012-present) a research assistant at McGill working on documentation
  • Hiu Kim Yeun (2012-present) a research assistant at McGill working on Voyant Notebooks


Software Libraries

Voyant Tools is made possible by several open source libraries (many of these libraries use additional libraries not listed here):