McGill Guide: Web Hosting Overview

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McGill has two broad solutions for ‘web hosting’ – pages for McGill administrative and teaching needs, and space for much more ad hoc solutions for research, labs, and conferences. There is, however, a bit of overlap. In some instances units (like the Department of French Literature) use the older research set up for their departmental website. Likewise, the new Documentum infrastructure blurs research and unit cyberinfrastructure, while myCourses offers ways of linking research and teaching, as well as administrative, infrastructures. In short, there are several solutions for day-to-day cyberinfrastructure provided by ITS that are well suited to low intensity, out-of-the-box digital needs. Primarily however these solutions are geared towards publication of information; more often than not they are insufficient for ongoing digital research. The distinction is critical – if you wish to publish your activities and manage teaching or an administrative unit, they’re ideal. If you wish to build web applications, use a content management system (or invent one, or develop a plugin), there are important considerations to keep in mind when sifting through what it is each service offers.

Most web hosting provisions at McGill fall under Content and Collaboration Solutions (CCS). However, if you choose a server set up, you’ll likely deal with Network and Communication Services (NCS) as these options circumvent CCS entirely.