McGill Guide: Personnel & SLAs

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If you wish to use McGill ITS for your technical support and development processes, you’ll likely have to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will govern the costs and tasks involved.

Template SLAs exist for VMs and Server Hosting; they include support, which in all practical terms means administration of the server, NOT DEVELOPMENT support or assistance resolving research-related coding issues. They will help with configurations, but the relationship will be shaped by what NCS thinks is best for the McGill system as a whole, adhering to global policies (like user access / admin) which might not be well suited to your research needs.

NCS SLAs govern network and machine usage and administration; they are not geared towards support of particular research needs such as the development of new software, its implementation, etc. In the past the expectations of researchers have exceeded or surpassed what ITS and NCS see as their obligations in these areas. If you are a humanities or social science researcher and are thinking of arranging a SLA with NCS for technical work or support, discuss past arrangements with other researchers and be explicit with NCS about your needs. A SLA is a contract.

From current ITS documentation SLAs are not possible with Content and Collaboration Services, which is primarily responsible for web-content and development.