McGill Guide: Hardware

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The university’s AV loan program currently offers access to HD cameras suitable for taking photos of documents.
Photocopiers now contain B&W scanners capable of 600DPI scanning, and basic contrast adjustments.
Consumer-level colour and higher-density book scanners in rooms in most branch libraries. See

While these solutions are not ideal, in many cases it is easier – and more efficient – to proceed with an initial digitization project with a good HD camera and camera stand. Guides to lighting are available online.

McGill Libraries

Digitization is a formalized process at the Library. Please see

Scanners used by McGill Library digital resources are not generally accessible to non-library staff for any purposes. If you are embarking on a large project involving digitization contact Amy Buckland or the head of a particular library, such as Rare Books or the Osler Medical Library for details. Such projects may require – or it might be advantangeous to have – McGill librarians as co-applicants or collaborators.