McGill Guide: Documentum

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Documentum is CCS’s long-awaited content and document management system. In development since early 2008, and rolled out in fall 2012, it allows McGill employees to share documents, workflows, images, videos, etc. all within a collaborative web-based environment. It’s pretty powerful. It has certain advantages over a shared drive in that you can comment on the documents themselves, create discussion groups, etc., as well as version documents instead of merely saving them to a shared disk.

Space is accessible for 1 year, and must be renewed. Each group must have two ‘space coordinators’ who are responsible for managing the online materials and conduct of participants.

Some issues to consider:
Currently the service is open to McGill employees. Early discussions raised the possibility of opening spaces to non-mcgill users, particularly for research purposes. It is not clear if this is still possible or not.
How Documentum interfaces with more publicly facing web solutions like the WMS and Blogs isn’t clear or addressed. It is possible to publish documents to different sets of users and audiences, but how you can integrate documents managed by Documentum into other websites isn’t addressed.

A robust social environment for managing documents and workflows related to any kind of task, in particular administration.
Free – no costs involved.
Versioning of documents, discussion spaces, emailing etc.

Limited to McGill Employees.
Renewal required.
Limited customization.
Not clear how it might integrate non-mcgill users, or interface with other websites, including McGill-based solutions for publicity.

Ideally for:
Administrative groups and units. It could be used by research groups with large corpora of documents, or those who require workflows for document management, in particular publishing or other research processes.

Depends; not primarily for publicity, though publication of documents is possible in some instances.