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McGill Digital Humanities currently offers several programs to foster digital research and training.

The Digital Arts Engine

The Engine is a micro-funding program sponsored by the Faculty of Arts for undergraduate digital creation and scholarship. Funding is competitive – students propose projects which must be completed within the academic year. The only condition is that their work be presented at a Digital Humanities event. For more information see

The Winter 2015 Competition closes Jan 30, 5pm.

Digital Scholarship Workshops

McGill Digital Humanities is offering a series of four workshops on Digital Humanities Research in partnership with the McGill Library to provide an overview of various digital scholarship approaches and hands-on training. Each of the workshops will have a different focus to address different needs and levels of students & researchers.

The Research Assistant Pool

McGill Digital Humanities operates a pool of qualified and vetted Research Assistants for digital projects based at the University. This service has two main objectives – to provide and experience funding for McGill students with digital skills (broadly interpreted) and to make finding such students easier for McGill researchers.

Within its first year of operation (2012-2013), the Pool attracted over 60 students, and placed many of them with McGill researchers in several faculties.
For more information see