Digital Narratives (Astrida Neimanis)

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In September 2013, I joined a team of artists at Kilpisjärvi Biological Research Station on a “Journey to the Post-Anthropogenic.” Here, the telling of one part of this story is through words and images put together by me, in collaboration with Amy Goh and Stephanie Posthumus, but this story emerges from an intensely collaborative process. Its telling acknowledges first and foremost the Kilpisjärvi Research Team: Oron Catts (Project Originator), Kathy High, Laura Beloff, Kira O’Reilly, Andy Gracie, Antti Tenetz; as well as organizers and sponsors: the Finnish Society of Bioart and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Research Station; SymbioticA; and research partner Nils Peder WIllassen of the Arctic University of Norway.