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Are you burning with ideas on how digital technologies can mash up with the arts and humanities? Are you an Arts Undergraduate Student? Are you entrepreneurial and motivated to get your ideas out there? We’d like to help!

The Digital Arts Engine, sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, is a program geared towards funding innovative projects that bring digital technologies together with humanities scholarship and creativity – and a go-get ‘em attitude. We’re looking for individuals or groups who need micro-funding to get their projects up and running – think of it as kickstarter for your digital arts ideas. Projects receive up to up to $2,000 to get things off the ground.

Winter 2015 Competition is now open! Proposals are due Jan 30, 2015 at 5pm


There’s some fine print of course…

Projects need to:

  • Have clear and well-defined development plans for completion within the academic year – i.e. by 1 May 2015.
  • Have a faculty mentor willing to help advise your work.

Interested? Want funding? Your proposals should have:

  • A Project Summary (200 words – the snappier the better – pretend you’re describing it to your grandmother’s bridge buddy).
  • A Project Description (at least 500 words please, but no more than 1000! Give us some of the details of what you’re going to do).
  • A List of your Project Team (no maximum, but you must indicate a financial manager for your team in your application).
  • A detailed Project Timeline outlining the components or stages of your Project, and the expenses involved (budgets should be between $250-$2,000 and be itemized with quotes), ending by 1 May 2015.
  • An indication of support from a faculty mentor able to help you advise you on your work.
  • Any supporting materials for your project like sketches, diagrams, or images (optional).


  • Arts Undergraduate Students only

What are we asking in return?:

  • Share your work in two ways: a blog post on and at a poster session in early May 2015.
  • Attend orientation meetings where you’ll meet other Engine Teams.

Questions? email Email us if you’re concerned about the due date and need a bit more time!