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Lyrics Project: How to Measure Cultural Change

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The Lyrics Project comes out of McGill’s CiteLab, a group formed by Stéfan Sinclair (Associate Professor, Digital Humanities), Andrew Piper (Associate Professor, German Studies), and Mark Algee-Hewitt (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow until 2012, currently an Associate Director for Research with the

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Rodan: the Technology behind SIMSSA

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  Most commercial Optical Music Recognition (OMR) systems work in a fairly opaque, inflexible way: the user puts an image in; it gives a file out. Academic OMR systems tend to be much more complex and are rarely used outside

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Thoughtful History: The Post-Classical Islamic Philosophy Database Initiative

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  Though rich in sources, the post-classical period of Islamic philosophical thought (1100-1900CE) has largely been overlooked by Western Scholars.

Interrogating the Anthology: The Database of Romantic Poets

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  One of the popular forms of 19th-century English literary culture , the poetic anthology presents interesting questions regarding the selection and representation of its contents. 

Ming Qing Women’s Writings

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       Nearly ten years ago, Dr. Grace Fong (McGill) began an ambitious digitization project that made accessible, some for the first time, close to 90 poetry collections produced by Chinese women writers during the Ming and Qing dynasties (spanning

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