DREaM Internship for Digital Humanities Beginners

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Call for Applications
The Early Modern Conversions project seeks four interns to act as test-users for ‘Distant Reading Early Modernity’ (DREaM), a digital humanities project that makes a massive corpus of early modern texts amenable for use with digital tools. This opportunity is ideal for students who would like to learn more about the digital humanities. No specific technical skills are required, but applicants need to have an enthusiastic willingness to learn and experiment with new, digital tools.

Each intern will conduct experiments with DREaM and produce a ten-page report on their activities. Ideally, reports will correspond to the test users’ individual research interests. The internship will require a time commitment of approximately 40 hours, including supervisory meetings. Interns may work from home and will have the freedom to set their own schedule.

The internship will pay a stipend of $1,000 and will continue through the duration of the Winter 2015 term. Graduate and undergraduate students across all humanities disciplines are welcome to apply. We will give special consideration to students whose work relates in some way to English print from 1475 to 1700.

To apply, please send a CV and an application letter of no more than 500 words to Dr. Stephen Wittek (Stephen.wittek@mcgill.ca) by February 15, 2015. The letter should provide a brief description of the applicant’s background and proposed focus of study.

For more about DREaM, see: http://earlymodernconversions.com/introducing-dream/
For more on the Early Modern Conversions Project, see: http://earlymodernconversions.com