Happy New Year! – McGill Digital Humanities 2014-2015

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We’re off to the races this year: a full slate of talks for our Works in Progress series has shaped up nicely, and will range widely from MP3 encoding to GIS to text analysis to architecture, online publishing, and learning environments. Running alongside this are five courses within the Faculty of Arts dedicated to DH, as well as long-standing courses in Music, Computer Science, Information Studies, and Management, that flesh out our growing offerings in undergraduate and graduate teaching. And on top of it all, we’re in the process of finalizing workshops for faculty and students, as well as the McGill Digital Humanities lecture.


If you’re after teaching, here’s the roster for the coming academic year:
COMS 491 – Media, Communication and Culture (Winter – Gabriella Coleman)
COMS 608 – Sound Studies (Fall – Jonathan Sterne)

HIST 585 – Introduction to Digital History (Fall – Matthew Milner)

LLCU 212 – Understanding Digital and Social Media (Fall – Stefan Sinclair)
LLCU 255 – Introduction to Literary Text Mining I (Fall – Andrew Piper)
LLCU 311 – Digital Studies/Citizenry (Fall – Stefan Sinclair)
LLCU 498 – Digital Project (Winter – Stefan Sinclair)
LLCU 612 – Literary Text Mining (Winter – Sinclair)
LLCU 609 – Literary Theory – Cultural Analytics (Winter – Andrew Piper)

All of our Work in Progress meetings are held in rm 455, 688 Sherbrooke. Come 30 mins before for coffee and a chance to catch up with colleagues! Our tentative schedule is:


Fall 2014

Wednesday Sept 24, 330pm: “Summer Roundup: Houellebecq and Neatline, Digital Environmental Humanities & Early Modern Conversions”
Thursday Oct 16, 230pm: Grace Fong & Song Shi “Patterns of Selection and Distribution: Application of Digital Tools on Metadata in the Ming Qing Women’s Writings Database”
Monday Nov 10, 400pm: Victoria Slonosky: “Canada’s Climate History: Weather Observations from the St-Lawrence Valley, 1742-2010” – Geospectives
Wednesday Nov 12, 330pm: Jason Hurley “Augmented reality with mobile technologies: Can it lead to learning and engagement with historical settings?”
Wednesday Nov 26, 330pm: Michael Jemtrud TBD