Bill Turkel – Arduino for Humanists Workshop

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On Jan. 10 Makers and Coders McGill met with Bill Turkel (Western) for an afternoon of Arduino following Tim Sherratt’s talk on interfaces and colonialism.

Arduino offers small do-it-youself computer & building sets which suit novice programmers as well as the more experienced. We had a small but eager contingent of McGill students, faculty, and researchers attempt to build various predetermined configurations, as well as custom builds of their own. The speaker component proved extremely popular; one team was able to program sections from DDMAL’s Liber Usualis into their Arduino. The speed and pitch regulation were resolved fairly easily, but polyphonic music using two speakers was something of a challenge. Others played with the light sensors. Twinkle twinkle little star joined the Liber chant at one point, and there were plenty of blinking lights as well.