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Stefan Sinclair – Voyant Notebooks

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The first in our 2013-2014 Work in Progress series will feature Stefan Sinclair and the new development in his Voyant Tools suite, Voyant Notebooks. Voyant Notebooks is a new digital scholarship platform that’s intended to support user-friendly web-based authoring of

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Digital Environmental Humanities Workshop

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The Digital Environmental Humanities Network (DEHN) workshop will bring together leading scholars in the areas of the environmental humanities and of the digital humanities to discuss the conceptual frameworks, digital tools, and partnerships that will allow them to produce and

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SET: Simulated Environment for Theatre

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   SET is an ideal resource to experience a theatrical production in a virtual environment. Either for studying a play, creating a play, or even rehearsing a play, the digital system of SET allows the user to interact simultaneously with

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A New Way of Seeing Text: Voyant Tools

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     When asked the dreaded question “summarize your tool in…”, Dr. Stéfan Sinclair cheerfully obliged with the following: “Voyant is a web-based digital text reading environment that is ideally suited for humanities scholars to experiment with text analysis methodologies.”

Searching; Visualized: “The Book History Bibliograph”

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     With the increased interest in the material aspects of the book, the field of book history has seen rapid expansion in the past twenty years. An extremely broad area of research, the problem of finding sources in multiple languages

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