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Works in Progress: Reanimating Corpora: The Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis (SIMSSA) and Distant Reading Early Modernity (DREaM)

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DREaM and SIMSSA are McGill-based digital projects which are engaged in the processing, handling, and re-presentation of large corpora of texts. In the case of SIMSSA, it’s musical scores and manuscripts, whereas DREaM is working through the well-known texts of

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Work in Progress – Ichiro Fujinaga – Human History Project

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Ichiro Fujinaga will talk about his new prosopography / social networking Human History Project. All are welcome.

BarFinder: Search Music Measure by Measure

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A music score can go through many different versions. First the composer writes it, then the copyist may change it a bit, and then the printer may change it further. Or, the composer might create a slightly different score for

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Constructing Sound Spaces: Open Orchestra

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  How do you bring together musicians across the barriers of time and space? Open Orchestra provides an answer through the creation of an virtual simulated rehearsal environment, that allows individual musicians to practice as part of a pre-recorded ensemble.

ELVIS: Digging into data at McGill

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    Winner of a 2012 “Digging Into Data Challenge” grant, the Electronic Locator of Vertical Interval Successions project at McGill’s Schulich School of Music has only been active since January 2012, yet it has already made waves in the musical

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