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Work in Progress – Renee Sieber – Geography for DH without a Map

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Sometimes the Spatial Digital Humanities appears to be no more or less than putting dots on maps. But there’s rich geographic research opportunities in SDH and the spatial social sciences that don’t result in a map. I’ll talk about my

Barbara Piatti – Lecture: From Texts to Maps or How to Visualize Literary Landscapes

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Dr. Piatti will give a Public Lecture on how geospatial analyses are altering and transforming literary theory and its notions of landscape & spatiality. All are welcome!

Barbara Piatti: Critical Space Theory: Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Cultural Cartographies: A Workshop

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The Interacting with Print project is hosting a workshop by Dr. Barbara Piatti, Director of the Institute for Cartography and Geoinformation at the University of Zurich and co-founder of the Literary Atlas of Europe Project. Her work focuses on the