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Digital Scholarship Workshop – Data Visualization for Humanities Research

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In an age of data-driven research, the old adage that an image is worth a thousand words takes on new importance. Data visualizations now pepper periodicals and websites; data journalists have become data artists. More importantly, perhaps, is how visualizations

Work in Progress – Renee Sieber – Geography for DH without a Map

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Sometimes the Spatial Digital Humanities appears to be no more or less than putting dots on maps. But there’s rich geographic research opportunities in SDH and the spatial social sciences that don’t result in a map. I’ll talk about my

Chad Wellmon – The Big Humanities: A Short History

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Chad Wellmon (Virginia) will visit McGill – sponsored by txtLab and IPLAI.

Work in Progress – Jonathan Sterne – Didactic Media, Multimodal Argument and Graduate Pedagogy: Digital Humanities Beyond the Written Word

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This is a talk about how to make arguments with images and sounds in conjunction with text — multimodally, that is — and how we might use multimodal publication and presentation practices to extend humanistic inquiry that is not currently

Joshua McEvilla – Facet-Searching the Shakespearian Drama

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We’re happy to be co-hosting a talk with Montreal’s Shakespeare and Performance Research Team Facet-Searching the Shakespearian Drama: An Online Reader of John Cotgrave’s The English Treasury of Wit and Language Study of the seventeenth-century dramatic literature has been