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Investigating a “Global Economy”: The Indian Ocean World Centre

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  With funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Professor Gwyn Campbell and the Indian Ocean World Centre are pursuing a Major Collaborative Research Initiative that through the lens of human-environmental interaction examines the development of an early

“Google Scores”: SIMSSA at McGill

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     Single Interface for Musical Score Searching and Analysis (or SIMSSA) is the brainchild of principal investigator Dr. Ichiro Fujinaga, who, along with Dr. Julie Cumming (McGill) , Dr. Laurent Pugin (RISM, Switzerland) and Dr. George Tzanetakis (University of Victoria),

Ming Qing Women’s Writings

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       Nearly ten years ago, Dr. Grace Fong (McGill) began an ambitious digitization project that made accessible, some for the first time, close to 90 poetry collections produced by Chinese women writers during the Ming and Qing dynasties (spanning

Searching; Visualized: “The Book History Bibliograph”

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     With the increased interest in the material aspects of the book, the field of book history has seen rapid expansion in the past twenty years. An extremely broad area of research, the problem of finding sources in multiple languages

A Map of Relational Reading: “The Werther Effect”

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  The term “Werther Effect” has come to symbolise a type of mass psychosis, initially ascribed to the rash of suicides after the publication of Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther in 1774. For Dr. Andrew Piper (McGill) and Dr.