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The Eighteenth-Century Family

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This animation represents the emotional network of the family in the eighteenth-century novel. It measures the co-occurrence of emotions and family members within sentences in a sample of eighty novels View Original

Emotion Networks in the Novel

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For my ongoing project on the history of emotions in the novel, I thought I’d post a first pass of emotion networks that appear in the Romantic Novel versus the View Original

.txtLAB Internship Winter 2015

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.txtLAB is offering 3 internships for the Winter Semester available to undergraduate and graduate students. The internships will involve participation in lab research and the creation and completion of individual View Original

Lyrics Project: How to Measure Cultural Change

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The Lyrics Project comes out of McGill’s CiteLab, a group formed by Stéfan Sinclair (Associate Professor, Digital Humanities), Andrew Piper (Associate Professor, German Studies), and Mark Algee-Hewitt (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow until 2012, currently an Associate Director for Research with the

Social Change and the Participatory Archive

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As a member of the team behind YAHAnet, a McGill-led intiative that enables global youth involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Dr. Eun Park, of the School of Information Studies, has been responsible for the creation and critical examination of