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Why are Jane Austen’s novels so popular? Her characters are introverts.

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As part of the work on characterization in the novel that we’ve been doing recently in the lab, I’ve come across an interesting aspect of the classic nineteenth-century novel. It View Original

Why do book reviews still treat women like it’s the 19th Century?

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Andrew Piper has a new piece out with collaborator Richard Jean So at The New Republic that explores gender bias in book reviews. Looking at a sample of 10,000 book View Original

Tea and Baloney

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I have learned many things from Michel Tremblay’s La Traversée des sentiments, the first of which is this: when you fry baloney, sooner or later the centre of this beloved View Original

Gender and Big Data: Finding or Making Stereotypes?

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In collaboration with Visualizing English Print and the Middle Modernity Group, the Digital Humanities Research Network is pleased to present the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture View Original

After Gomeshi Round Table : Audio Online!

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UPDATE: Audio recording of the “After Gomeshi: Lessons in Media Uses and Abuses” Round Table is now available for download.
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