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Databases for Digital Humanists – Workshop Highlights

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Databases are integral to many digital humanities projects. Designing an effective database requires familiarity with the functions and various scripting options for each component of the architecture – but this, of course, is only half of the battle. Functions, scripts,

Bill Turkel – Arduino for Humanists Workshop

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On Jan. 10 Makers and Coders McGill met with Bill Turkel (Western) for an afternoon of Arduino following Tim Sherratt’s talk on interfaces and colonialism. Arduino offers small do-it-youself computer & building sets which suit novice programmers as well as

Tim Sherratt – Collections, Interfaces, Power and People

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On Jan 10, Tim Sherratt (Canberra) started off our month of DH with a talk examining the White Australia policy and how digital technologies are revolutionizing how historians can access, interact with, and reconceive of this era in Australian history.

Susan Brown “The Orlando Project”

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Susan Brown (Alberta/ Guelph) of the Orlando Project ( joined us today at the Defining Digital Humanities reading group to discuss the project, its inception, and on going work.  The informal discussion was wide-ranging involving how Orlando has grown over