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Dynamic Table of Contexts

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A standard table of contents in the medium of print, though indispensable, cannot offer much more than an overview to the reader. Historically, tables of contents were more complex, with several columns dividing the book like a flowchart. But the


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   If you want to see a manuscript that is housed in Berlin and you are located in Montreal, libraries have a few ways of showing you the pages online. You can scroll through thumbnail images, go page-by-page, or download

Rodan: the Technology behind SIMSSA

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  Most commercial Optical Music Recognition (OMR) systems work in a fairly opaque, inflexible way: the user puts an image in; it gives a file out. Academic OMR systems tend to be much more complex and are rarely used outside

BarFinder: Search Music Measure by Measure

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A music score can go through many different versions. First the composer writes it, then the copyist may change it a bit, and then the printer may change it further. Or, the composer might create a slightly different score for