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The Eighteenth-Century Family

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This animation represents the emotional network of the family in the eighteenth-century novel. It measures the co-occurrence of emotions and family members within sentences in a sample of eighty novels View Original

Emotion Networks in the Novel

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For my ongoing project on the history of emotions in the novel, I thought I’d post a first pass of emotion networks that appear in the Romantic Novel versus the View Original

.txtLAB Internship Winter 2015

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.txtLAB is offering 3 internships for the Winter Semester available to undergraduate and graduate students. The internships will involve participation in lab research and the creation and completion of individual View Original

Happy New Year! – McGill Digital Humanities 2014-2015

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We’re off to the races this year: a full slate of talks for our Works in Progress series has shaped up nicely, and will range widely from MP3 encoding to GIS to text analysis to architecture, online publishing, and learning

Victoria Slonosky: Canada’s Climate History: Weather Observations from the St-Lawrence Valley, 1742-2010

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