News – Digital Arts Engine

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The Faculty of Arts is very pleased to announce the creation of the Digital Arts Engine – a micro-funding competition for Arts Undergraduate students that offers the chance to combine the best of humanistic scholarship and creativity with digital technologies. Students can receive up to $2000 to fund their project.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Christopher Manfredi, has expressed enthusiasm about the significance of this kind of initiative beyond the classroom: “The Digital Arts Engine—like the Arts Internship Program and Arts Research Internship Awards—is part of the Faculty’s ongoing effort to allow Arts students to use their education and creativity outside of the classroom, as well as to develop additional skills that will expand their opportunities after finishing their undergraduate education.”

Managed by the McGill Centre for Digital Humanities, the Digital Arts Engine will act as an incubator for new student-led research and entrepreneurship as the humanities engage with the questions of how new technologies and media can interact with more traditional humanities research interests and practices. This is an ideal opportunity for students to try their hand at making new tools and applications, or expressing themselves through digital media, in ways that are intellectually provoking as well as rigorous.

As Stéfan Sinclair, Director of the McGill Centre for Digital Humanities, puts it: “The Arts are largely focused on understanding and expressing the human condition from multiple perspectives – the Digital Arts Engine is a wonderful venue for students to recognize and share their valuable knowledge in a digital context.”

The competition is open – Arts Undergraduate Students can find more information at The deadline for applications is 1 Oct at 4:30pm.