Happy New Year! – McGill Digital Humanities 2014-2015

We’re off to the races this year: a full slate of talks for our Works in Progress series has shaped up nicely, and will range widely from MP3 encoding to GIS to text analysis to architecture, online publishing, and learning

Lyrics Project: How to Measure Cultural Change

The Lyrics Project comes out of McGill’s CiteLab, a group formed by Stéfan Sinclair (Associate Professor, Digital Humanities), Andrew Piper (Associate Professor, German Studies), and Mark Algee-Hewitt (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow until 2012, currently an Associate Director for Research with the

Social Change and the Participatory Archive

As a member of the team behind YAHAnet, a McGill-led intiative that enables global youth involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Dr. Eun Park, of the School of Information Studies, has been responsible for the creation and critical examination of