Un petit verre de lait

In Tremblay’s œuvre, milk is a habit, the occasional source of comfort and an accompaniment to sweet things: ” un petit morceau de gâteau pour finir le petit verre de View Original

How Cultural Capital Works: Prizewinning Novels, Bestsellers, and the Time of Reading

This new essay published in Post45 is about the relationship between prizewinning novels and their economic counterparts, bestsellers. It is about the ways in which social distinction is symbolically manifested View Original

Launch of Hermeneutica by Geoffrey Rockwell and Stéfan Sinclair

Hermeneutica: Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the Humanities, by two novelTM scholars, Geoffrey Rockwell and Stéfan Sinclair, has just been published by the MIT Press. Hermeneutica is part of a hybrid project View Original